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Formalin-MS is an effective treatment for a wide variety of external aquarium fish diseases caused by fungi, parasites and flukes in marine or freshwater aquariums.


                    Effective parasitic and fungal treatment

                    For freshwater or marine use.

                    Available in 1.25, 4, 16 and 32 oz. sizes.

                    Maximum strength for maximum results.

                    Active Ingredient: 37% Formaldehyde


Dosing instructions

Use 2 drops per gallon of aquarium water every other day until control is achieved. 1 teaspoon treats 90 gallons, 1 oz. treats 500 gallons. Remove carbon during treatment. After treatment complete, perform a 25% water change and replace carbon filtration.

To use as a dip:

Use 20 drops per gallon and treat fish for a maximum of 50 minutes. Remove from dip sooner if fish shows signs of stress.



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