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Medicating “Do” List

DO perform a partial water change on any aquarium before beginning treatment. Underlying poor water quality is often a contributing factor to a disease outbreak. In addition, the act of physically removing water and detritus from within your aquarium can actually help remove disease causing pathogens and improve water quality, which helps any medication work more effectively.

DO turn off UV sterilizers and ozonizers while treating your aquarium with FishVet or other medications. UV light and ozone will destroy most medications rendering your treatment useless, and can, in some cases, convert the medication into an altogether different and toxic compound.

DO turn off protein skimmers and remove all forms of chemical filtration from your filter system while treating with FishVet or other medications. Skimmers and chemical filtration media will rapidly remove medications from the water. Chemical media includes activated carbons and resins.

DO dose the aquarium for the amount of actual water contained and not for the dimensional volume. After adding substrate, rocks and other decorations you may have reduced the volume of actual water contained by as much as 20% or more. Reef aquariums full of live rock will displace more water than a live plant tank with no rock outcroppings.

DO use a hospital tank whenever possible. This will help you use less medication and better observe the infected fish. This aquarium can also be used as a quarantine tank to hold fish prior to being released into your main aquarium reducing the risk of a widespread disease outbreak.

DO perform a partial water change after treatment is complete. This helps remove/dilute any residual compounds in the water and helps to quickly improve water quality. Replace carbon filtration in the filter system and restart UVs, ozonizers, and protein skimmers.

DO keep a watchful eye on aquarium inhabitants while treating your aquarium. If signs of severe stress are detected you may need to perform a water change to dilute/remove the medication from the water column. Every individual fish, plant and invertebrate is its own living organism and will respond to treatment in varying ways.

DO read the labels on FishVet and other products in their entirety before use.


Medicating “Do Not” List

DO NOT combine FishVet or other medications without knowing that the combination is not toxic. Since we do not produce other brands of medications we cannot comment on possible toxicity issues that may arise by combining FishVet medications with other brands. The safest route is to not combine medications at all.

DO NOT dose the aquarium for its dimensional volume. Rocks and other decorations displace a considerable amount of water and if this is not accounted for the potential for overdosing exists. Overdosing any medication can produce fatalities.

DO NOT use any FishVet or other medication for treatment other than described on the label. Any use other than as specified on the packaging could result in water quality problems and aquarium fatalities.

DO NOT use any FishVet product in a reef aquarium unless it specifically states Reef-Safe on the label. Even then, please keep a watchful eye on your aquarium inhabitants for excess signs of stress.


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