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Aqua Pro-Cure FAQs

How does Aqua Pro-Cure work?

Aqua Pro-Cure eliminates the free swimming stage of many parasites, as well as gill flukes and many gram negative bacteria (such as bacterial fin rot). Aqua Pro-Cure does not harm fish, invertebrates, plants or nitrifying bacteria and no test kit is needed during treatment. The combination of several active ingredients, make this a safe, yet extremely effective aquarium treatment.

Please note that unlike most medications, Aqua Pro-Cure is most unusual in that only half the dosage is required in water with a pH of 8.0 or higher. The higher pH actually increases the effect of the treatment.

What diseases specifically does Aqua Pro-Cure treat?

Aqua Pro-Cure is used for the treatment of a range of external parasites such as Amlyoodinium (marine velvet), Brooklynella, Oodinium (freshwater velvet or rust), Chilodonella, and gill flukes. It is also used to treat external bacterial infections such as bacterial fin and tail rot.  

How do I dose Aqua Pro-Cure?

In freshwater aquariums, simply add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per 5 gallons.
In marine aquariums simply add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per 10 gallons.
Add daily for at least 3 days. Heavy or persistent infestations may require longer treatment periods.

Can Aqua Pro-Cure be used with other products or medications in the aquarium?

We recommend removing all absorbent filtration materials such as carbon from your system while treating with Aqua Pro-Cure. Replace these materials 5 days after treatment. We also suggest a routine partial water change be performed after 5 days as well. 

Aqua Pro-Cure can be used along with antibiotics in the aquarium, but should not be used with other medications.

Can Aqua Pro-Cure be used along with No-ICH?

Yes. Aqua Pro-Cure can be used with No-Ich. This combination treats the aquarium for both Amlyoodinium (marine velvet), Oodinium (freshwater velvet or rust) and Cryptocaryon (marine ich). The combination of Aqua Pro-Cure and No-Ich is safe for both marine and freshwater aquariums.

Is Aqua Pro-Cure safe for reef aquariums or freshwater planted aquariums?

Yes. Aqua Pro-Cure is safe for all fish, crabs, corals, invertebrates, macroalgaes and biological colonies within your aquarium.
Aqua Pro-Cure is safe for all freshwater plants, invertebrates and fish, including scaleless fish.

My corals have closed up after adding Aqua Pro-Cure? Is this Normal?

Yes, many corals will withdraw when Aqua Pro-Cure is present in an aquarium. This is a normal response to the change in water chemistry. After treatment is complete you'll see your corals open back up over a 24 to 48 hour period.

Are there any indications that a coral is being over stressed due to the addition of Aqua Pro-Cure?

If your coral or coral(s) begin to secrete excess mucus you should discontinue treatment and perform a partial water change to dilute the product in the water. Every aquarium and every unique coral has its own tolerances. As with any additive, you need to watch the tank inhabitants for signs of distress and react accordingly. We have used Aqua Pro-Cure in reef aquariums with soft corals, clams, and a wide variety of both SPS and LPS corals with no adverse effects when dosed properly. 

In what sizes is Aqua Pro-Cure available?

Aqua Pro-Cure is available in 4 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. and 5 gallon bottles.

Can I purchase directly from FishVet?

Unfortunately not. Our products are not sold directly to the public. If your local store does not stock these products, ask them to request them from their distributor.


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