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Formalin-MS FAQs

Do I need to change water before or after treatment?

Water changes are vital to maintaining the best possible water quality. Due to the fact that Formalin can reduce the dissolved oxygen content of your aquarium water we highly recommend a water change prior to the start of treatment. We also recommend using a gravel vacuum to help remove organics from the substrate, and replacement of mechanical filtration media.

We also recommend performing a partial water change when you have finished with any aquarium treatment.

Can Formalin-MS be used with other products in the aquarium?

Formalin-MS can be used along with Malachite Green, as well as Methylene Blue with caution. Observe fish carefully for signs of stress. If fish appear stressed perform a partial water change and discontinue use of additional products. 

How do I dose Formalin-MS?

Use 2 drops per gallon of aquarium water every other day until control is achieved. 1 teaspoon treats 90 gallons, 1 oz. treats 500 gallons. Remove carbon during treatment. After treatment complete, perform a 25% water change and replace carbon filtration.

To use as a dip:
Use 20 drops per gallon and treat fish for a maximum of 50 minutes. Remove from dip sooner if fish shows signs of stress.

Can Formalin-MS be used as a prophylactic?

Formalin-MS (as well as any other treatment) should not be added continually into any aquarium.

In what sizes is Formalin-MS available?

Formalin-MS is available in 1.25 oz., 4 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. bottles.

Can I purchase directly from FishVet?

Unfortunately not. Our products are not sold directly to the public. If your local store does not stock these products, ask them to request them from their distributor.


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