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Formula T

Formula T - Trace ElementsAquarium Landscapes Formula T provides the essential trace elements for your aquarium. Each variety of plant will take up slightly different amounts of trace elements, and of course the fact that every aquarium will have varying amounts of the many species, makes it critical to ensure that those important & vital minerals are always available.

As well as certain trace elements, plants also need for their well-being some readily available in their natural environment.

Aquarium Landscapes has identified these essential needs for your aquarium, and Formula T brings you the results of our research, as well as the latest findings in the scientific literature. Formula T will not only enable your plants to obtain the necessary trace elements and more, but will also help create the environment in which your fish will be healthier and have better appetites.

The exclusive formulation of Formula T is used today by many of the most advanced Aquaponic growers in many countries of the world. Your plants will show the benefits of its use within only a few days of adding it to your planted aquarium.

Simply add 5 drops per gallon once a week. Each 16 ounce bottle will treat 2500 gallons of water. Added as directed, one bottle will supply a 50 gallon tank for about a year. Heavily planted aquariums may need to be dosed twice a week for optimum results.


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