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Aquarium Medication Application Chart

The following chart outlines the various medications we produce along with the category of disease
they are effective against. Below the chart is a very brief list of diseases that correspond to
each particular category.

  Bacterial Infections Fungal Infections External parasites Internal Parasites Slime Algaes Freshwater Use Marine Use    Reef    Safe
Aqua Pro-Cure      

Malachite Green          
Methylene Blue          
Slime Eraser        


Bacterial Infections include Fin & Tail Rot, Popeye, Mouth Fungus, Body Fungus,
Gill Disease, Septicemia, ulcers as well as secondary bacterial infections.

Fungal Infections include true fungal outbreaks that appear as white tufts of cottony-like material,
most often as secondary to other infections.

External Parasites include Ich, Cryptocaryon, Chilodonella, Brooklynella, Velvet, Oodinium, Anchor Worms,
Gill Flukes and Leeches.

Internal Parasites include Hole-in-the Head Disease and a host of internal protozoans.

Slime Algae includes a variety of cyanobacteria in both freshwater and marine aquariums.

Please note that misdiagnosis of fish diseases is not uncommon and the medication you choose may not always provide the desired result. Always follow recommended dosages and package directions. For best results we recommend the use of a separate hospital tank to treat diseases fish and to quarantine new specimens before adding to your main aquarium.


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