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Metro-MS FAQs

Can Metro-MS be used with other products or medications in the aquarium?

Metro-MS can be used with Acriflavine-MS, Aqua Pro-Cure, Formalin-Ms, Malachite Green, Marine-Aid, Methylene Blue, and Revive as well as antibiotics.

We recommend removing carbon from your filtration system as well as turning off protein skimmers and U/V sterilizers while treating your aquarium. Replace carbon and reactivate skimmers and sterilizers after treatment is complete.

How do I dose Metro-MS?

Use 1 measuring spoon (500 mg) for every 20-40 gallons (80-160 liters). Repeat every other day until symptoms disappear. Turn off UV, ozone and protein skimmers. Discontinue carbon filtration until treatment is complete.
Powder can be mixed into 2-3 tablespoons of frozen food paste for feeding and can be re-frozen.

How to I mix Metro-MS with food?

Partially thaw 2-3 tablespoons of frozen food. Thaw just enough to make it pliable. Add 1 scoop (500 mg) of Metro-MS and mix into a paste. Refreeze and then feed as needed to help treat internal parasites such as hexamita.

In what sizes is Metro-MS available?

Metro-MS is available in 10 gram, 100 gram, and 1000 gram (1 kilo) sizes.

Can I purchase directly from FishVet?

Unfortunately not. Our products are not sold directly to the public. If your local store does not stock these products, ask them to request them from their distributor.


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