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Oxytet-MS is an effective treatment for a wide variety of gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial diseases including Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Mouth Fungus, Fin and Tail Rot, Gill Disease and Dropsy. Freshwater use only.

Oxytet-MS will not adversely affect your biological filter bed and can be easily removed through carbon filtration.

Active Ingredient: 100% Oxytetracycline

Dosing instructions:

Use 1 measuring spoon (500 mg) per 15 gallons (57 liters) every 24 hours with a 50% water change before each treatment. Treat for a total of 10 days. As with any treatment, we recommend the use of a hospital tank. Oxytet-MS will cause a slight discoloration to the water. After treatment is complete replace carbon filtration and perform water change to remove discoloration. Discontinue carbon filtration until treatment is complete.

Effective gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial control.

Easily removed through carbon filtration.

Freshwater aquarium use only.



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