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Potassium Test Kit 

Potassium Test KitPotassium is one of the essential elements in the growth, development, and propagation of plants. In the typical natural aquarium that has a variety of plants, it is often necessary to supplement Potassium.

This test was developed originally for use in our own greenhouses. We regularly tested our water quality for all the usual parameters, i.e. pH, GH, KH, NH4, N02 etc. We were adding as directed daily a Japanese Potassium additive, & we wished to test for potassium but were informed there was no test kit on the market which could be used without first buying a very expensive turbidimeter.

Realizing that most hobbyists would not want to spend $2500 for such an instrument we did some extensive research and managed to produce a practical test that would be more useful for our water testing needs. When we did measure the actual readings of potassium in some tanks, we found that we had between 18 and 28 times too much potassium.

Once we discovered this and rectified the problem, the water quality improved, algae growth was reduced, and the overall health of our plants increased within a week. We then developed the kit into a practical test that can be used by hobbyists to determine when and how much potassium to add to their tanks, as this varies according to the mixture of species which have been selected, as well as the density of planting.

This test kit will supply approximately 100 tests.


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