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Effective treatment for external parasites and external bacterial infections. 

Revive is used for the treatment of a range of external parasites such as Amlyoodinium (marine velvet), Brooklynella, Oodinium (freshwater velvet), Chilodonella, and gill flukes. It is also used to treat external bacterial infections such as bacterial fin and tail rot.  

Revive’s synergistic combination of acriflavine, aminoacridine and formalin are more effective than either individually. Revive contains no copper, no undefined extracts or other “natural” disease fighters. Revive delivers fast, safe, and effective results.

Revive allows the marine and freshwater fish hobbyists to eradicate safely a wide range of parasites and bacterial infections from fish only, reef, or live plant aquariums with equal results.

Revive has been formulated as a practical one-time treatment, which is safe for the fish, corals and invertebrates in all freshwater and marine aquariums. The combination of a long shelf life and self-dosing bottles make this the ideal medication to keep on hand as part of your aquatic medicine cabinet.


  • Treats the water and eliminates external parasites such as the Amlyoodinium, Brooklynella, Chilodonella,                             
        and gill flukes, as well as treating external bacterial infections such as fin and tail rot.
  • Biodegrades after some 4-5 days, leaving no harmful residue.
  • Does not harm Fish, Invertebrates, Live Plants or nitrifying bacteria and no test kit is necessary during treatment.



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