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Slime Eraser FAQs

 What Does Slime Eraser treat?

Slime Eraser removes unsightly Red Slime (cyanobacteria) and other slime algae from your aquarium.

What is Red Slime Algae?

Red Slime Algae is actually a type of bacteria that once established can quickly spread throughout an aquarium. Although slime algae can be black, blue or green, most often it is found in the red form, hence the general name Red Slime. Cyanobacteria grow very rapidly and can be very difficult to remove thorough cleaning and scrubbing within your aquarium. Any small bit left behind will again spread throughout the aquarium.

How do I dose Slime Eraser?

Simply add 3 ounces per 50 gallons (75 ml per 200 liters) of aquarium water every other day. Use for 2 weeks or until slime has disappeared, whichever period is longer.

Do I need to change water before or after treatment?

Water changes are vital to maintaining the best possible water quality. Although not necessary, performing a partial water change before treatment will help improve overall aquarium conditions. We do recommend performing a partial water change when you have finished with any aquarium treatment.

Can Slime Eraser be used with other products in the aquarium?

Slime Eraser can be used with phosphate and/or ammonia absorbents, but you will need to remove carbon from your filtration system as well as turning of your protein skimmer. Either of these will remove Slime Eraser from your aquarium before it can help.

We also recommend not using antibiotics or medications when using this product.

Slime Eraser can be used safely with marine, reef, and planted aquarium supplements.

Can Slime Eraser be used to prevent a slime outbreak?

In theory yes, but Slime Eraser (as well as any other treatment) should not be added continually into any aquarium. Keep in mind that you need to suspend carbon filtration and protein skimming when using this product. Over an extended period of time this will be detrimental to the overall water quality in your aquarium.

In what sizes is Slime Eraser available?

Slime Eraser is available in 16 oz. (1/2 liter), 32 oz. (1 liter), 64 oz. (2 liter), and 640 oz. (5 gallon) bottles.

Can I purchase directly from FishVet?

Unfortunately not. Our products are not sold directly to the public. If your local store does not stock these products, ask them to request them from their distributor.


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